“So positive and friendly, at all different skill and fitness levels.”

"There is no other workout as challenging or fun as this in our area. You work your whole body every time you attend, and you only compete with yourself, at your own pace. You can progress as quickly as you want if you push yourself, or just take your time on basics for a fun and thrilling workout. The community of students is so great too...men and women, all so positive and friendly, at all different skill and fitness levels. You get a killer workout while having SO much fun! I love it."
— K.G.

"Flexibility was awesome!!! I feel so stretched and my back feels amazing! I definitely encourage people to take this class."
— K.M.

“Never once questioned my body type!”

"What an incredible experience! Ellen made me feel like I could do anything and never once questioned my body type. Dreams came true for me tonight and I can't wait to go back!! Thank you!"
— A.W.

"Coming to 5 flexibility classes has done more for my neck and shoulders than 3 years of physical therapy."
— C.P.

"I've grown an inch since I started taking flexibility. The teacher is very knowledgeable while making the class fun for everyone."
— T.J.C.

“It is super exciting I’m already sweating a little bit!”
@sarahmblakely  Former KDLT Morning Anchor

Ellen is a pro and takes in all levels of individuals providing a fun and learning experience!
— T.G.

Cirque Dakota is really unique and a lot of fun for anyone to try! Ellen is really patient, funny, and wonderful teacher.
— K.L.


“Talented instructor with the patience of a saint.”

Incredible experience!!! Ellen is a talented instructor with the patience of a saint (I'm a slow learner). I've never experienced a better workout. Highly recommended for those seeking functional strength and flexibility, an awesome new skill or an epic past-time. I will be back as much as I can be. So glad to have this in Sioux Falls.
— S.D.

“Get a workout in without even realizing you're working out.”

SUCH a fun class, no matter your ability level! Ellen is a great instructor that challenges you, but never more than you can safely do. First class or tenth class, you always learn something new and walk away feeling great! Would definitely recommend to anyone hoping to get a workout in without even realizing you're working out. 
— K.M.

"Loved by anyone with the heart of an acrobat" P.S.