Chicago Week 3 : Every Day Is Leg Day

I ran 3 miles on Tuesday. In a row. For the first time. Ever.
And I did it in 34 minutes.
In the rain.


Mind you, this was after Monday’s classes which involved over 100 lunges and quite a few burpees. It was also after walking 5 miles Monday night. I was headed to the post office, and thought walking would be easier since I hate traffic and parallel parking. Turns out I needed to FedEx the package and ended up driving anyway. Sigh.

Side note: I DESPISE sending mail. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve ever gotten snail mail from me. I hand delivered a Mother’s Day card 2 months late rather than mail it. And I still have postcards from April I’ve been meaning to send. Anyway…


Wednesday involved some brutal leg conditioning first thing in the morning. Followed by a static trapeze class. But of course, I couldn’t do hip balances because of my ovaries (LAST WEEK SITTING OUT OF STUFF!) so I hung from my knees when I wasn’t hanging from my hands.

Single knee hangs = hamstring and glutes

Thursday morning, my legs crumpled underneath me as soon as I jumped down from my (lofted) bed. I managed to get through a silk class, but was pretty much useless the rest of the day. My hamstrings and calves were incredibly tight, and I’d had a restless night. I almost fell asleep in ballet class. While doing ballet. It was a rough day.

But by Friday, my legs were feeling usable again. So what did I do during open gym?

Yep. I ran 3 miles.
In 33 minutes 20 seconds.

Y’all. I hate cardio. I hate running. But I know I need the endurance, and I know I need to strengthen my lower body.

So I downloaded a neat app called Endomondo to track my runs. It also connects to Spotify and selects songs that match your pace. Even though I’m dreading all these runs, I’m excited to see my progress over the next 9 months. If you’re interested in tracking your runs (or walks) check it out.

Maybe I’ll even start to like running one day…HA!