Chicago Week 2

At the beautiful Theater on the Lake, where I would have done a handstand if I wasn't injured. (Week 1)

At the beautiful Theater on the Lake, where I would have done a handstand if I wasn't injured. (Week 1)

I have officially been here for 2 weeks, and my recovery post-ovarian cyst rupture is going well! Last Tuesday, the first day of classes, I could hardly walk, but I was determined to at least be present. By that Thursday, I was almost completely pain free, and participated in a gig at the newly renovated Theater on the Lake where the mayor spoke. I sat (and sometimes stood) on a swing and looked pretty for 30 minutes while the other full-timers hung about on lyras.

Though my class participation was quite limited in week 1, I did some light conditioning and stretching. On Monday of this past week, I was cleared to do low impact things, and slowly eased back into using my abdominals. I’ve participated in juggling, dance (ballet), physical theater, cardio (3-mile runs on the horizon, but I power walk for now), handstands, rope, straps, silks (to a degree), and stretching.

Still a week or so away from being able to run, tumble, do acro, trampoline, teeterboard, or anything that places pressure on my abdomen. Not that I have any pain, it’s just still a bit scary and intimidating.

The program is at Aloft Circus Arts, a beautiful old church in Logan Square. It’s a short walk from where I’m living: a 5 bed, 1 bath house across the street from Palmer Park. All the people in the program and Palmer house have been great, and I definitely feel like I belong in this crazy circus community.

Last weekend I had my first visitor, Lindsey. She almost forgot I had moved here and left without seeing me, but thankfully I saw her snapchats! Lindsey helped me meal prep, and we walked to a lunch spot.

If you’re ever coming through Chicago, let me know!

This weekend, I saw Acrobatica Infiniti with Sarah, another full-timer. Yesterday, I spent most of the day working in a coffee shop. I’m currently at a laundromat and thinking this will be a Sunday tradition. There’s coin laundry in the basement should I need it in a pinch, but the washers are bigger, faster, and overall cheaper here at the laundromat. Other Sunday plans include grocery shopping, meal prep, and working.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! I’ll try to keep posting regularly about my Chicago adventures, though I doubt they’ll all be this long or detailed. I don’t have a whole lot of time outside school, work, eating, and sleeping. But I’m loving every minute. :)

And lastly, if you feel so inclined, I'm still in need of financial assistance. My apartment in Sioux Falls has still not been subleased, and I am paying rent in 2 places, as well as expecting an astronomical hospital bill soon. Every bit helps.