Chicago Week 8 : The Circus-ing Dead

Last Saturday, I woke up rearing to go. I showered, dried my hair, put on makeup. I stripped the bed and loaded my car up with two huge loads of laundry and had my grocery list all ready to go. I was full of motivation to get all the things done!

And then my car didn’t start.


I’m not saying that having my car towed to the shop set the tone for the week…but it totally did. My Monday started with a call about all things wrong with my car, and the $2000 it was going to cost to fix it. But somehow, despite my frustration and stress, I managed to have a really successful handstand semi-private, followed by a fun rope class where we learned a drop! And in case you didn’t know…I love drops. Monday afternoon, we ran our monologues in costume. A decent day, all things considered.

And then Tuesday happened. All 8 of us missed at least a day last week as we passed around an illness that while rather short-lived, made us all miserable, exhausted, and congested. It hit most of us (including myself) on Tuesday, such that by the end of the day, only 2 remained.

Wednesday was still pretty rough. Our handstand class ended up being stretching and ab conditioning since no one wanted to go upside down. Morning open training times involved a lot of laying on mats. Thursday and Friday were much the same.

Which is all sounding rather negative, so here is a list of some positive things:

  1. Successful Handstand Semi-Private
  2. Rope drop!
  3. Funny Costumes
  4. I’m getting better at juggling while laying down
  5. Acro Juggling!
  6. My legs are catching on to ballet…arms are next
  7. I started learning how to run the trampoline wall. FUN!
  8. I saved 15% by switching to Geico
  9. Just kidding. I am going to save some money on my car though by taking it elsewhere for some of the repairs this weekend. At this point it’s just a necessary pain in my ass, but I have a functioning car again!
Zombie Mackenzie lurks below as I do a neck hang on sling

Zombie Mackenzie lurks below as I do a neck hang on sling

Three weeks ago, Shayna (our program director) announced that Aloft would be hosting a Halloween Party. It was rather last minute and a little chaotic getting everything together, but once all was said and done, Aloft put on a pretty rad party with some spectacular performances.

The full-timers did a spooky “dance”…or should I say performance art? Anyway, we were all in hospital gowns and covered in ghoulish makeup and fake blood. We stalked from room to room, banged on walls, screeched, swatted at imaginary flies (Bees?), and ended with a chorus of screaming.

When we weren’t “dancing,” the trampoline-inclined full-timers did spooky bounces (trampoline/wall) and the aerialists hung-about in slings. I can’t even begin to explain everything else that was going on, so if you’re in Chicago next year around Halloween, this is going to be an annual event, and you should check it out.

Next time in Blog-Land, I’ll be talking about our 2nd Lab week, this time hosted by George Orange. He’s a clown. I’m super pumped!